Jennifer Rust Botanicals - Workshops


Site Assessment

Send pictures of your space to Jennifer. Take special note of light exposure and water access and we will arrange a call to discuss your needs. We can also arrange an onsite visit to evaluate more specific recommendations and plans for a $100 consult fee.


JRB will source containers for you or we can plant in your own. Size, scale, quality and design all matter when it comes to containers. It is especially important to have outdoor containers that can withstand winter cold (freeze) and hot conditions for plants in the summer as well as public use.


Jennifer Rust Botanicals will install during a time that is not intrusive to business or family life. We will bring a team, if needed, and make it convenient for you.  You can be as involved as you would like to be.


Seasonal plant changeouts typically occur in the Atlanta area in April, July/August and October. Holiday decorating with live plants, wreaths, table top centerpieces and décor may also be arranged.


Plants are not under warranty when they are planted as there are so many uncontrolled variables that impact a plants health, i.e. water, disease, heat and freeze conditions. JRB takes time to select the best plants for a given space and its conditions. JRB may be scheduled for regular or seasonal checkups to fertilize, check on plants and change out seasonal plants as needed.


In addition to installation, JRB offers a regular container maintenance service if plant care and getting your hands dirty is not your strength. Typically planting months are centered around April, July/August and October/November.  More regular maintenance however may be scheduled for biweekly or monthly site visits to maintain containers throughout the year or just during growing seasons.  Maintenance includes additional fertilizing, trim back if necessary, deadheading and spraying to keep your containers lush.


Project costs are based on time (to source containers, materials and installation) and materials for the installation. Further visits, maintenance, and plant change outs are separate fees.