We sure waited a long time for it!

The late winter snow days and surprise nighttime freezes in early April are now gone. While one part of me feels the warmer days and sunshine could not have come soon enough the other side has my might heart racing and feeling frenzied. Everyone wants their new garden NOW! NOW! NOW!

I have pulled into more than a few wholesale and retail nurseries over the last few weeks (sometimes multiples on a given day) where the air is palpable. While I fill the back of my truck (ok – its a s sports mom MDX – but functional for now). I love seeing what the landscapers are throwing, literally – that’s the way it runs right now, in their own trucks.

The just-right-sized trough containers are backordered and available install crews are more elusive than a moonflower. “Might have some time in late May,” responds one of my go-to guys via text. Oy.

Jennifer Rust Botanicals - Springtime Planting

Spring signifies the joy of Easter, opening day for Baseball and long awaited dogwood blossoms. It signifies fresh gardens and visions of lush containers to welcome summer days and nights languishing with friends in the backyard.

I told a friend recently that I am going to sleep right now dreaming of what plants flower best in dry shade. But I also said it is not lost on me that this is 10 times better than going to bed worrying about a PowerPoint presentation to be delivered to a client in a few short hours. The rush is the same – but the flowers and dirt are a ‘helluva lot more fun.

It must be spring.

Back to the garden,