Gray Ridged Ficonstone Container + Planter Insert


This Ficonstone container is sold with the seasonal planter insert and is made of a fiberglass, concrete and stone blend. Sounds heavy but it is still fairly lightweight given the concrete mix.

Each seasonal planter insert arrives pre-planted and ready to grow and flourish with our care instructions. When you purchase the planter insert you select from the options how much sun exposure the planter will be expected to receive. All of our planter inserts are made out of recycled wastepaper which can be composted or thrown away.

The Ficonstone Container measures 21” high x 15” wide

If you are interested in fresh planter inserts delivered to your door at the beginning of each season (4 times a year), then click here to learn about our Seasonal Subscription program.

This Ficonstone container is a balanced mix of fiberglass, cement, sand and crushed stone. It is very sturdy, yet relatively light. Ficonstone flower pots and planters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making them very versatile. Compared to the popular fiberstone, ficonstone is slightly heavier and more affordable.  Due to its low weight and sturdy construction, you can easily move ficonstone pots without fear of breaking them. The properties of the material are such that they are maintenance-free and very user-friendly.


Seasonal Subscription Program

Fresh planter inserts delivered to your door at the beginning of each season (that’s 4 times a year!)