Planter Insert Only


Each planter insert arrives pre-planted and ready to grow and flourish with our care instructions. When you purchase the planter insert you select from the options how much sun exposure the planter will be expected to have. All of our planter inserts are designed in these fiber containers made out of recycled wastepaper. When the next seasons planter insert arrives the old one can be composted or thrown away.

JRB Planter Insert measurements:

ROUND: 13.75” wide at the top x 12.75” high
SQUARE: 12.4” wide at the top x 11.2” high

*See below on how to measure your container

If you are interested in fresh planter inserts delivered to your door at the beginning of each season (4 times a year), then click here to learn about our Seasonal Subscription program.

How to Measure your own Container for a JRB Planter Insert

Measuring a container
To ensure the planter insert will fit, it’s important you measure your container properly. Using a tape measure, measure the interior of the container; including:

Measuring a container:
1) width of the top inside of the container

2) width at the bottom inside of the container

3) height from bottom to the top of the inside of the container

JRB Planter Insert measurements:


  • 13.75” wide at the top
  • 12.75” high


  • 12.4” wide at the top
  • 11.2” high

If the interior of your own container is taller than the our insert then just add soil or mulch inside your pot to raise the it to the height of the rim. If the width of your container at the inside top of your own container is greater than 15.5” then it will probably be too big to be used for a JRB insert.

Your own container needs to have a drainage hole to allow water to drain, as it needs to be regularly watered. If there is no drainage it will not thrive.

Seasonal Subscription Program

Fresh planter inserts delivered to your door at the beginning of each season (that’s 4 times a year!)