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Jennifer Rust Botanicals specializes in the design and installation of seasonal containers. The business was born out of Jennifer’s sincere desire to help people get the most joy out of their outdoor living without the feeling that they have to do an expensive whole yard, landscape remodel. Plant containers provide an instant lift to an entry, warmth to an interior, nature to a high rise terrace, and can be used to organically create separate space between people.

Seasonal Subscription Program

Fresh planter inserts delivered to your door at the beginning of each season (that’s 4 times a year!)

Gardens should not be intimidating or overwhelming, they should bring beauty to your home and happiness to your soul.

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Container Design - Jennifer Rust Botanicals
Jennifer Rust

About Jennifer Rust

Jennifer Rust Botanicals is a business built on a laser focused passion to create beautiful plant containers that brings nature to our surroundings, whether that be where we live, dine, travel or work. Each project is its own custom creation.

Jennifer launched her garden business after a successful corporate career that kept her traveling the globe. Amongst the diversity of people, food and culture, it was the natural surroundings and gardens she experienced around the world that made the greatest impressions.